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Student Guide

  • Students must have a device that allows them to see and hear the instructor, as well as for the instructor to see them (microphones are not necessary but are recommended)
  • Students do not need any background in any martial arts when joining a class (as these are all basic beginner classes)
  • Students are allowed to attend multiple classes of different martial art styles and types, but we recommend students to do a maximum of 2 different martial art styles and do multiple classes (with different instructors in the same martial art as well) 
  • Students are allowed to participate in classes as well as learn through the video lessons (see above for more details)
  • Students do not need formal martial arts uniforms and should wear normal clothing that allows them to do the exercises and techniques as part of the class (if a student does have a formal uniform, please do wear it for classes)
  • Students should learn and practice a large enough area to move around in for the classes (5ft x 5ft) and be in a safe environment (no sharp edges, slippery floors, open electrical wires, etc.)
  • Students must sign and email the liability waiver to before joining any classes, proving that they agree with all the rules and terms of Fit4Grit Academy