Instructor Agreement

I pledge to follow all rules prescribed to me by Fit4Grit Academy.


I will bring up all issues pertaining to the well-being of students, instructors, myself, or Fit4Grit Academy to the leadership team of Fit4Grit Academy. 


I will not in any way harm the progress or deter others from joining Fit4Grit Academy in any way for any reason. All information available to me by joining Fit4Grit Academy will remain within Fit4Grit Academy and will no way be used for any other purpose than told to clearly by the leadership team.


I will be open to accepting all students, no matter race, gender, age (between Elementary school to College), sexuality, religion, etc., and will not discriminate.


If an issue arises that I am uncomfortable addressing directly, then I will come directly to the leadership team of Fit4Grit Academy to solve the situation.

By signing up for any courses, you agree to all the above statements and liability agreements as an instructor of Fit4Grit Academy. If you have any personal questions, please email to discuss.