About Us

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How We Started

Fit4Grit Academy, officially created in June of 2020 during the pandemic, began trial classes in March of 2020. Since then, building on the information gained from the classes started before, the non-profit has continued its virtual route, advancing its methodology and perfecting its virtual take on martial arts. With this improved mindset, Fit4Grit Academy was created and has continued to run. Our newest instructors from various martial arts and fitness backgrounds have joined on board since then and love to learn, practice, and – most importantly – teach these martial arts that they are so passionate about. Many people around the world are unable to afford martial art and self-defense classes so Fit4Grit Academy instructors work hard to spread this growing art form and fitness styles to everyone around the world with the foundation of self-defense, fitness, confidence-building.

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Why we Exist

Our mission is to spread confidence, fitness, and self-defense to individuals virtually globally using martial art videos, classes, and seminars created and led by our verified instructors in their respective martial arts. Our society faces many problems that are left unaddressed. These problems revolve around health and fitness, self-esteem and confidence, and abuse and assault. In our classes, we will be talking about all these issues in direct and indirect ways.

Our goal is not to be a martial art school that focuses solely on belt systems and other formalities. We work to teach our students the simple basics of martial arts so that they can develop skill sets that are needed for the future. Also, we hope that with their taste of martial arts, they will go to the next level by enrolling in martial arts schools to get further martial arts and fitness education that we are unable to do virtually at this time.

On the issue of confidence, martial arts teaches our students to work towards improving themselves and the world around them. By teaching important topics like respect, discipline, and self-control, instructors will guide students on the path to becoming better global citizens and martial artists. With continuous classes and check-ins, students are likely – and have been seen to be in our trial classes – to have much more confidence in themselves and their actions than they had before. 

Secondly, we will address fitness and health. Though martial arts is an art form, working out, training and sweating immensely is a norm that we are proud to have. We will teach our students the right way to exercise, train, and practice to remain safe, healthy, and prosperous during their childhood or young adult life. And while major health issues, such as obesity and diabetes do persist in our world, we hope to take direct positive impacts to prevent and reduce these diseases to make our students as healthy as possible. 

Finally, we would like to address the very important and serious topic of assault and abuse. Unfortunately, these problems are exorbitant, and our goal is to make a difference no matter how small it may be. We work to teach our students how to apply the techniques they learn in class to help them get out of dangerous situations. But of course, the first thing we teach our students is to prevent dangerous situations and how to resolve them nonviolently. Also, we work to make sure that our students do not practice the techniques taught in class by their friends and family. Overall, we hope to teach our students some basics that may help them in the future and prepare them for attending in-depth classes with martial art paid schools and academies.


Who We Are

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Adarsh Gupta

Adarsh is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and head instructor of Fit4Grit Academy. He is a 2nd-degree verified black belt instructor in Taekwondo, is a level three in self-defense, and is certified in CPR, First Aid, Concussion Safety, and Harassment Prevention. He trains at Tiger Martial Arts. He loves teaching students and spreading martial arts. He also plays golf and dances, as well as does speech and debate.

Shalini Singh

Shalini is a Head of Internal Relations and verified instructor of Fit4Grit Academy. She is a 1st degree verified black belt instructor in Wushu and is an internationally top-ranked Wushu competitor. She trains at Elite Kung Fu. She enjoys practicing wushu and working-out, as well as participating in speech and debate

Tanish Kher

Tanish is the Head of Social Media Outreach and a verified instructor of Fit4Grit Academy. He is a 2nd Degree verified black belt instructor in Taekwondo. He trains at Tiger Martial Arts Academy. He has been practicing Taekwondo for many years and also plays basketball and participates in speech and debate.

Krystal Lan

Krystal is an instructor with Fit4Grit Academy. She is also a black belt in Shaolin Kungfu and has been competing both locally and internationally for many years. She plays basketball, volunteers, and also loves to tinker in her free time. She has worked closely with other instructors and taught martial arts before to varying age groups.
IMG_1648 - Ashwin Iyer

Ashwin Iyer

Ashwin is a certified instructor at Fit4Grit Academy. He loves to exercise and engage in fitness-related activities. He plays soccer very regularly so all types of fitness are important to me, and he looks forward to teaching students!
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Ronit Jain

Ronit is a 1st-degree black belt and a certified instructor at Fit4Grit Academy. He has been training for many years and also plays soccer in the National Premier League as a part of the Palo Alto Soccer Club. Ronit loves working with and teaching others. Some of his hobbies include speech and debate, basketball, and football.
Martial Art School Partners

taking it to the next Level

Tiger Martial Arts Academy in Sunnyvale, California, USA is a martial arts school that is founded around Taekwondo but also holds class with self-defense and weapons. They have classes for students of all age groups and have taught internationally ranked competitive athletes with highly experienced coaches. They are an excellent school to continue learning virtually and in-person when the time arrives.


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